Mailänder 122A UV Two colour printing line

Technical specifications as per original manufacturer:

  • Machine specifications:
  • 1 LTG-Mailander Feeder (type 770) with roller conveyor,
  • 2 Mailander Printing Units (type 122A – 2 Colours)
  • Remote-Ink Control
  • TG Color System control panel
  • 1 LTG UV Drying Oven
  • 1 LTG Sheet Inspection Unit
  • 1 LTG Nonstop DoubleBox Stacking Unit with roller conveyor
  • Electrical panels for Printing Units/UV Oven
  • Double Box Stacker
  • Max. sheet width: 1145 mm
  • Max. sheet lenght: 965 mm
  • Production speed: up to 6600 sheets per hour

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