Plastic wire handle strip

Dutch Cans delivers plastic wire handle strip worldwide, which is used for the production of plastic handle wire for (paint) cans and/or carton laundry detergent boxes. The plastic wire handle strip is used for several wire handle strip machines such as Sabatier, Larsen and Arplas machinery. Dutch Cans plastic wire handle strip is made of the best quality plastic and has the following benefits:
  • No molten plastic residue remains on the welding tip of the machine
  • Impact resistant and does not tear at the rivet
  • Double woven for more strength and flexibility
  • Fully recyclable
  • Available in all existing RAL colours
  • Very competitive price, including door to door or CNF delivery worldwide
  • High production capacity and short delivery times

These distinctive advantages are the reason that many millions of cans worldwide are already produced with the Dutch Cans plastic wire handle strip. In short, the plastic wire handle strip of Dutch Cans guarantees trouble-free production of your cans or cartons.

The plastic wire handle strip is being delivered on coils of 15.000 meters. A maximum of 500.000 meters will be possible to fit in a 20ft container. Dutch Cans offers the delivery door to door or delivered CNF port of destination, to assure all administrative transport handling will be handled by our team.

Dutch Cans uses a dual lane production line to produce the plastic wire handle strip, enabling us to produce on a high production capacity and maintain short delivery times. Contact us today if you wish to receive a sample and a quote without obligation.

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