Mailänder 460 Coating line

Technical specification:

  • Max. sheet size: 1150 x 960 mm
  • Min. sheet size: 510 x 710 mm
  • Production capacity: up to 6.000 sheets per hour
  • Natural gas

Consisting of:

  • Mailänder Feeder 760
  • Mailander Coating Machine 460
  • Mailänder Electrical switchboard
  • LTG DBL Drying oven with LTG Loading machine
  • LTG Exhaust Cabin
  • LTG Incinerator
  • LTG Heat Exchanger
  • LTG Wicket Pre-heating
  • LTG Outside Air Cooling Zone
  • LTG Unloader
  • LTG Stacker
  • LTG Electrical Switchboard

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