Can making line for 73 mm and 99 mm food cans

Technical specifications as per original manufacturer:

  • Dexter TF sheet feeder
  • Continental can 361 ST-4 duplex slitter
  • Ameo bart II blank feeder 
  • Soudronic FBB 540-UC welder
  • Soudronic SWM-2 weld monitor 
  • Powder coating
  • Soudronic PRC-TD SIC outside lacquer
  • Flynn 9 meter curing oven  
  • Metalbox 85D Flanger 
  • Metalbox 80 Beader
  • Angelus 61H Seamer
  • Borden AP-48-900 Tester 
  • Goldco C 1409 M-R
  • Conveyor system 

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