Anilox system for Mailänder Coater

Technical specifications as per original manufacturer:

The Anilox System uses up to date technology to precisely meter the amount of coating material being applied to the sheet. The key to the Anilox System is in the engraving of the Anilox-Roller. The accuracy of the engraving on the Anilox-Roller will eliminate the uncertainty that is associated with using Fountain Roller Systems. The Anilox System will allow you to confidently and consistently run at the bottom end of the film weight specs.

This system includes a Anilox Conversion System to fit a Mailander 460 coating machine, the Anilox system is fully refurbished and in excellent condition.

• Including six (6) pre-owned Anilox-Rollers to provide film weight for specified coating.
• Ten (10) new Steel and Ten (10) new Nylon Scraper blades.

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