Angelus 60L Automatic seamer

Technical specifications as per original manufacturer:

    • Diameter range: 50 mm – 108 mm 
    • Height range: 38 mm – 197 mm
    • Production capacity: up to 500 c.p.m.
    • No. of heads: 6


  • powder coated
  • new complete lower turret assembly
  • new lower turret base gear
  • new complete lower driven lifter assemblies (can shop 18.48  RPC)
  • new lifter cams
  • new center shaft and base gear
  • new intermediate gear assembly
  • new upper turret gear
  • new seaming cams
  • new seaming spindles
  • new seaming lever shafts and upper turret bushings
  • new upper gear case gears
  • new motors

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