Printing plate copy machine – Dainippon Screen PC-701-I

Technical specifications as per original manufacturer:

  • This machine is used to copy a current printing plate of your printing press which is to be renewed onto a new printing plate with its design.The Printing plates are used on the printing cylinders on the printing machine. The printing wears the plates and they need to be renewed and then they copy a new plate. Different Cans have different designs printed. For different designs, different printing plates are required.
  • Machine specifications: – Maximum screen size: 1430 x 1165 mm
    – Minimum screen size: 60 x 60 mm
    – Min. adjustable setting: 0.01 mm
    – Positioning: 300mm/s
    – Movement of lamphousing: 850 x 200 mm
    – 230 V – 50/60 HZ
  • Register system for original plate:
    – Stift diameter: 5 mm
    – Stift distance: 370 / 500 mm
  • Register system for copied plate:
    – Stift diameter: 6 mm
    – Stift distance: 400 / 700 mmm
  • Size and weight: 
    – 2450 x 2200 x 2020 mm
    – Ca. 1100 Kgs

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